Workforce 2020 – the new skills agenda

Last week I joined Nigel Paine at the Training Journal conference, celebrating 50 years of the publication.  As well as providing my services as cameraperson, standing in for cinematographer extraordinare Colin Steed, I had the priviledge of watching some outstanding sessions from leading lights in learning.  The highlight of the day for me though was the closing session from Harold Jarche, whose inspirational presentation on the workforce of 2020 drew on many topics close to my heart. So I thought I would share a few highlights with you:

  • The impact of automation will see a huge percentage of current roles in organisations becoming obsolete.  As machines kill off the traditional need for the academy, so the importance of collaboration, dialogue and ‘soft skills’ will rise.
  • In the new era of work, moving from the ‘market’ through to the ‘network’, the power will move from competition to collaboration – this has a major impact o the behaviours and skills of people in organisations, what will be desirable and what will deliver results in the new world of work.
  • Therefore, the ‘how to’ of learning will become ever more important and its where you see the link back to communities of practice and contextualisation needing to establish themselves at the heart of learning strategy

For more, visit Harold’s website – as one of the most generous SMEs out there, you’ll find a huge amount of research, resources and models