Video creation

The authentic voice of experience makes all the difference when dealing with complex subjects. Learning is made all the more immediate and applicable when learners can hear first-hand how challenges play out in real working situations. From video production to integrated video creation tools to make your own, WillowDNA can help.

Video creation


Easy video integration with Pathway Cloud LMS

Because WillowDNA specialise in dealing with tough skills and performance issues, video has always played a key role in our bespoke programmes. In 2013 we made the creation and delivery of video even easier. With our new Pathway Cloud LMSintegrations for Panopto and Ubicast, we’ve enabled organisations to capture anything from short interviews through to substantive lecture content whenever and from wherever they wish, and to easily integrate it into their learning programmes.


Video creation with Panopto

The integration with Panopto makes it easy for subject matter experts to create multimedia recordings that can combine video, audio, PowerPoint slides, screen capture and more. These recordings can be created in just a few clicks using a laptop, a smartphone or a sophisticated complex AV set up. Users accessing Pathway Cloud LMS will be able to view this compelling multimedia content and use Panopto’s powerful video search functionality to find exactly the content they are looking for from within recordings.


Lecture/workshop capture with Ubicast

For organisations looking to maximise their existing workshops and enable leaders in the field to deliver lectures to audiences no matter where they are, Ubicast’s Easycast Studio is the easiest solution for recording and sharing lectures, training sessions and conferences in Rich Media format. With automatic camera framing on the presenter and auto scheduled recording, your presenters can continue to deliver their material whilst Ubicast automatically captures and combines audio, video and presentation.

Vlogging our insights from the world of learning and knowledge

WillowDNA believe video is a great way to create quick insights to share with colleagues. Our team at WillowDNA do just this to share insights and reflections on the latest from L&D.

Learning partners

WillowDNA are online learning partners, providing as little or as much support as you need to realise your online learning goals. From hosting through to full curriculum development and service management, WillowDNA are your complete online learning provider.

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