Translation and localisation

Localisation is more than language translation; it’s about capturing the context, challenges and cultural subtleties that make learning relevant and credible. We carefully orchestrate localisation of all our content, from e-learning through to interactive e-books, to ensure that learning material arrives appropriately at the destination.

Translation and localisation
  • Our voice and text translation enable you to reach a worldwide audience Translation Services Translation Services
  • Ensuring translated content fits local contexts Localisation of Content Localisation of Content
  • Encouaging the best of social learning Learning Collaboration Learning Collaboration

Making learning relevant, internationally

Learners may be dispersed but effective online learning can ensure a consistent and collaborative approach to learning across the organisation, whilst respecting and incorporating local context. WillowDNA is an e-learning supplier that specialises in localisation; programmes where the core is shared, but examples are contextualised. We provide a comprehensive text and audio translation service and our Pathway Cloud LMS platform enables easy management of multi-programme versions, with both shared and custom content. Our e-learning designers advise where programmes will benefit from local content and ensure materials can be easily updated as the environment changes.

From our portfolio

PROJECT: IPA International

IPA International – taking the award winning IPA Foundation Certificate to the world

The IPA Foundation Certificate was the Gold award winning distance learning programme at the 2012 e-Learning Awards.. It is the de facto qualifications for people developing careers in the advertising and media industry and since their launch, has been rolled out across the globe.

It provide comprehensive overviews of the entire industry through interactive e-learning, explores emerging trends through video and discussion forums and also enables learners to practice some of the key skills they will need to have successful careers in this demanding industry through practical at work assignments.

Since it’s launch in 2010, the IPA Foundation certificate has had over 3000 learners complete the programme and many more throughout Europe. Throughout 2013 and 2014, it is being launched in South America, the Middle East, Far East and Australasia.

PROJECT: Transitions Education

Transitions Optical – creating a network of champions throughout EMEA and MENA

Since the launch of the eye care professionals e-learning programmes in 2012, Transitions are extending the programme to develop a network of in store champions. Providing a personalised champions dashboard in over 12 different European languages, the Champions project is a prime example of drive global standards whilst recognising local context. Core content is shared throughout EMEA, translated and served to the relevant learner portal, whilst case studies, expert insights and market insight is localised.

Learning partners

WillowDNA are online learning partners, providing as little or as much support as you need to realise your online learning goals. From hosting through to full curriculum development and service management, WillowDNA are your complete online learning provider.

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