Presidents, prosciutto and the joys of the British public transport system – dinner conversation at the 4th European Articulate Conference

For someone who believes conversation is one of the most powerful tools for learning, having the pleasure of sitting with Don Freda and Tom Kuhlmann from Articulate last night made for a great evening.Image

In amongst the discussions talk of the Euro, the race to the White House, the beauty and relaxed paced of the US North West vs the buzz and history of the US North East, the kindness of strangers when abandoned at Doncaster because of a signal failure of the British rail network, we got round to online learning too!  

The combination of realism but undeniable passion for what they do was truly refreshing and hearing about the various ‘groupies’ they have encountered along the way was not only very entertaining but a reflection of how much people appreciate how empowering rapid development tools such as Articulate have been for the learning profession.  I look forward to hearing more from Don and Tom today, as well as the many interesting talks planned for our day.  Fingers crossed for the Articulate Storyline license raffle!  

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WillowTV on YouTube featuring our first Ad!

The Willow Team are delighted with our new movie. We have added it to our website, our new YouTube channel and want to share it with you too. We believe e-learning should not be patronising and we certainly believe that challenging subjects, even complex subjects can be tackled online. What are your views on this? Take a look at the movie and let us know your views.