More MOOC inspired ideas

ipad image jpgFollowing on my recent reflections on the Corporate MOOCs webinar I presented for the LPi, this article from BBC Business News highlights some interesting considerations and exciting ideas for corporates.  It features the story of a school in Cambridgeshire who have taken  supporting learning resources online ‘making their own online library of lessons and course materials for GCSE, A-levels and International Baccalaureates.  These are interactive resources, with video links and lesson notes, customised for the specific needs and speeds of their classes. There are extension exercises and links to further reading and ideas.’ What leapt out to me is an issue very close to the hearts of any learning design professional – there are many different channels to publishing online content and accessible tools by which to achieve this, but it’s success is inexorably linked to the skills of the education or learning professional developing and orchestrating the content.  The principal at The Stephen Perse Foundation school, Tricia Kelleher at is quoted as saying “The credibility of online learning depends on the teachers who have made the materials,” It highlights the importance of understanding learning journeys and the skills of curation ‘ “You’re getting beyond the one-size-fits-all textbook. You might buy a textbook, but half of it might not be relevant to your school…[this approach allows teachers to] cherry pick from a world of resources”.  It is also an accessible route into developing more personalised learning paths, with alternative mediums and delivery methods to achieve core learning aims. Once again, the stage is set for learning professionals in organisations to take inspiration and start to repurpose, reimagine and refocus their learning programmes by creating scaffolds of content that provide a more accessible, timely and contextualised route to excellence.  So when commissioning support from online learning experts, look for that holistic learning path approach.  The days of the single channel e-learning package are behind us just as much as chalk and talk.