The Situation

The IPA Leg Regs course has a number of different elements, eLessons, eBooks, Crammers, Videos, etc which all come together in a Pathway learning path. This particular element – the Mobile Companion was refreshed for the client using the elearning development tool gomo.

The Solution

We wanted to update and refresh the look of the Mobile Companion, giving it a new lease of life. The straightforward menu system makes it great for delivering short bites of information to learners on the go.

Using gomo we were able to create something truly responsive and easy to use across all platforms, while focusing on the idea of users accessing the information via mobile phones.

The Companion can also be book marked to your mobiles screen giving it an icon so it looks and can be accessed just like an app.

Skills Needed

  • eLearning design
  • Mobile learning content development
  • Bite size learning delivery