“Fantastic game. A great challenge to get the brain working and showcases a number of interactions available on Storyline. Great work! “

Elearning Heroes Forum

We had a great time creating this game. It increased the flow of visitors to our website, got a great reception on the Elearning Heroes forums and is a great example for us to showcase what we can achieve with the tools in Storyline.

The Situation

WillowDNA wanted to shout about the great things happening in the office, and all the great things achievable with the tools we use. We wanted to reach new audiences and engage our current ones.

The Solution

We decided to make something totally fun and not focused on compliance or health and safety but on what is possible within Storyline 2 so that we can show clients something totally different – and then talk to them about how the different elements could be applied to their learning.

We followed the same process for any elearning project, first completing a Word based storyboard – writing down all the puzzles and checking they made sense on paper. At the same time we came up with the style and design for the project, thinking about how the navigation would work with no conventional ‘Back’/’Next’ buttons, instead using an explore and discover style.

Skills Needed

  • Storyline 2
  • Puzzles and quizzes
  • Rapid content development