Performance is more than support – final thoughts on strategy

Thank you to everyone for your feedback and shares from this series, we really appreciate it and more importantly, it appears to be striking a chord for those devising their learning strategy. So to make this happen, we can no longer use the excuse that learning and development take care of the learning round here.  Even if that is a prevailing culture in your organisation and even in the most controlled environments where learning is served by a structured LMS and access to external sites, social media etc are restricted (and believe me, this still exists probably more than you would expect!), things have already changed whether the organisational strategy has led that change or not. On most of the desks or in the pockets of your people, they will have devices that will connect them to whatever they need and whoever they need.  So is all this talk of learning and performance necessary at all? Well I believe it does, because as well as being more empowered than ever before to access knowledge and insights we need, there’s more of it and we all have more to do!  So learning and development as a key business enabler are not redundant, but they do need to reposition and in some cases re-skill to be relevant in this new work age.  They have the potential to be the ‘catalyst’ for performance, making learning more relevant, flexible and deliver closer alignment to what’s really needed.  As well as embarking on this evolution themselves, they are taking many people with them – this is truly a team effort. It will challenge the role of leaders, the way technology is managed and procured, how content is delivered, it will shape talent strategy, demand more rigorous and business aligned measurement.  It sounds complex, but starting with real business issues and designing learning scaffolds to support it is what we have always done and continue to do.  The flavour of each of those scaffolds is different; e-learning can still be entirely relevant but for other contexts, the creation and facilitation of communities may be the answer.  You’ll know what to do through taking a performance focussed consultancy approach and its an approach that can handle a changing world. Picture1