Panopto, the video creation platform get great new features in latest release

Really excited to get news from our friends at Panopto of the latest release. Back in early 2013, we announced that Pathway Cloud LMS had integrated Panopto to enable subject matter experts to create high quality video content themselves. This week, they have launched version 4.6, which has some enhancements we are really pleased to see. Panopto imageInside-video Search: The new ‘SmartSearch’ functionality means that as well as being able to search a Panopto recording for keywords used in a PowerPoint slide deck and in captions or notes, users can now also search for any word spoken within the video and any word captured on-screen. User Interface: Panopto have launched a new user interface for the player, where content takes centre stage. They have made use of negative space to ensure navigation is still easy and intuitive, but better screen optimisation ensures content is clear and easy to read on any device. Mobile: To accompany the already popular iOS app, Panopto have launched an Android app to offer Android users an enhanced viewing and search experience. Branding: Improved custom branding allows organisations to highlight their brand more prominently. For complex subjects, video is incredibly effective in helping put learning in context and it’s been great to put the ability to do this in the hands of those with something to share. To book a demo of Panopto and Pathway Cloud LMS, get in touch today.