Communities advisory service

By leveraging the power of communities as part of the learning design, it’s possible to create a social and structured environment built against real business metrics. WillowDNA have provided our Community advisory services to organisations such as Oracle, Cisco, ConocoPhilips and Unilever, delivering programmes that up skill learning professionals and subject matter experts throughout the organisation to build and sustain successful communities.

Communities advisory service
  • Swift analysis and planning for rapid implementation Community Strategy Community Strategy
  • Empowering your team Facilitator Training Facilitator Training
  • We provide a fully blended community academy Communities online academy Communities online academy
  • Measure impact against real business metrics Community measurement & evaluation Community measurement & evaluation

Why your organisation should invest in communities

Communities play a vital role in the facilitation of social learning, innovation and problem solving, whilst aiding the curation of materials and experts that can enhance the formal programmes offered by the organisation. Communities can move at least as fast as the pace of the organisation, they are context sensitive and flexible in design, so suit the diversity of skills, cultures and drivers across even the most complex organisations.

Communities help identify talent, drive adoption of formal programmes and can help identify practices that give an organisation its competitive edge. No matter what sector you work in, why planned and supported effectively, communities deliver significant business value.

Community strategy and design

WillowDNA community specialists will work with you and your senior team to analyse the current business strategy, related business metrics and strategic drivers. The output of this activity will enable us to understand how communities weave into workflow to support the way people really learn in your organisation and unlocking the expertise you already have. Using techniques such as value chain analysis, our team can identify the key learning needs related directly to business output.

From this, we can identify the types of communities, skills and supporting technology you need to ensure your learning delivers real business value that you can report back to the board. This is typically a 2-3 week engagement, enabling you to get started with communities rapidly and start seeing the value.

Online communities training

Well-trained and supported community facilitators are vital to develop and sustain vibrant and effective communities in your organisation. Our team have over 15 years experience in training community facilitators, captured in our comprehensive blended solution. Our solution ensures participants are able to:

  • Create a launch and management plan that meets the needs of your community
  • Demonstrate the link between community activities to real business benefit
  • Mitigate barriers to participation and drive up membership
  • Select the appropriate technology to support your community
  • Develop the skills for successful community facilitation

Our intensive community workshops to provide custom, focused support for facilitators to work on their communities in real time with our experts.

Community measurement and evaluation

Because communities are defined by a clear, shared purpose aligned to real need, with the right type of insight and expertise, you can measure impact against real business metrics. Our team will develop a measurement plan for you that will not only help identify the impact on the business, but ensure those benefits are shared with other business areas to supercharge their communities. It’s our unique partnership and deep dive approach that makes this happen.

Customer spotlight

At France Telecom, global product managers were invited to participate in our community skills development programmes to encourage these global leaders to adopt a more facilitative rather than commend and control approach to product management.

In just one case, the voicemail community reported that thanks to the adoption of a product community and the up-skilling of their global product manager to act as facilitator and curator, over €10m of additional revenue was generated simply by that manager facilitating the sharing of practice in implementation of voicemail menu services between two European countries.

Learning partners

WillowDNA are online learning partners, providing as little or as much support as you need to realise your online learning goals. From hosting through to full curriculum development and service management, WillowDNA are your complete online learning provider.

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