Multi-device learning

Our approach addresses complex business challenges with right-focused, right-sized learning technology solutions. Responsive or mobile-specific, as award-winning e-learning suppliers, we create the most effective experience for your learning needs.

Multi-device learning
  • Ensuring learners get the most from curriculums Performance Support Performance Support
  • Distilled content to get learners up to speed quickly Quick guides & refreshers Quick guides & refreshers
  • Timely help with tests and examinations Revision Guides Revision Guides
  • The right content on the right device Responsive Design Responsive Design

Creating great learning experiences, wherever you are

Great multi-device learning is created by a design team that understands what the learner wants from each experience and delivers the right type of content in the right format. Some content suits responsive design and is easily ported across devices, other subjects require an approach where squeezing a detailed interaction onto a small screen can degrade quality and usability. Whether responsive content or mobile-specific our team will work with you to ensure the right delivery method is used. Our mobile companion, breaking news feeds and performance support content are ideal where immersive content is best consumed on tablet, laptop or desktop and smartphone-appropriate content forms part of a rich learning environment.

Our strategy for multi-device learning design

Our design process includes analysis of how learners will engage with the content across different devices and defines the learning outcomes and applications of each interaction. We then create content that works best for a given device, such as high quality reading materials for e-readers, interactive scenario, video case studies and e-learning for tablets or revision guides and job aids for smartphones. Some content is designed for use across platforms, some is designed to maximise the capabilities of a particular device type. Whatever the blend, we put learning experience and efficacy at the heart of the design.

From our portfolio

PROJECT: Transitions Education

Transitions Optical – enabling eye care professionals deliver the best recommendations to their customers

By providing high quality education resources to eye care professional in store throughout Europe, Transitions Optical continue to build on their reputation as a brand with integrity and innovation, By promoting the advancement of lenses technology knowledge and better diagnosis of patient needs, this e-learning project demonstrates Transitions commitment to investment back into professionals engaged in the ophthalmology community. The content is optimised for tablet and available in 10 different languages.

PROJECT: IPA Leg Regs Certificate

IPA Leg Regs – more than compliance; a programme that delivers real results when it matters

The design focuses on personalisation as well as the provision of practical job aids and quick guides via mobile device as a companion. It has changed the preconceptions of compliance training and lifted it to a highly valuable support resource.

I expected quite a dry, information heavy programme but the ability to filter, the range of scenarios and case studies as well as the automatic news updates are brilliant!

The mobile companion is a great addition – I’ve used it many times before meetings with clients and it’s been incredibly useful

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