Learning Technologies – the dawn of the new learning age?

Well, I think I may have just caught my breath after an incredible week – a gold at the learning awards with our partnership venture, Rock and A Hard Place Learning capped quite the few days! Learning Technologies was as ever busy and vibrant, but this year there was a tangible change in the air – the conversations had moved on from the next tool or new trend but to a deeper dive into how design, technology, business drivers and environment deliver performance change.  Tech is of course still a big part of this picture because it is an intrinsic part of our lives One could argue the technologies bit in learning technologies is surplus to requirements, given it is a part of our living reality, just like blended is a redundant term as effective paths to learning are blended by default. However, its encouraging to engage in conversations with potential customers that are lead by a desire to engage with their people at a meaningful level, going deep than just getting their attention but getting their involvement, feedback and tapping into the desire to maximise their skills and talents.  This places a really exciting in which to explore future tech, led by creating a rich performance environment. So when I had a moment to grab a cup of tea and take a wander, I recorded this vlog from the show and tried to gather my thoughts… https://youtu.be/i31NWE1PxMA