Learning ecosystem service

Creating a complete learning ecosystem, where learning journeys provide relevant and focused content that flexes to meet changing business priorities, is one of the most exciting developments in learning today. Our learning ecosystem design service enables you to make the most of the knowledge your organisation already has, to decide what to curate and what to create, and to make informed choices about future investments.

Learning ecosystem service

Leading on learning design

WillowDNA is at the forefront of learning ecosystem design and delivery. Our comprehensive design service has enabled leading organisations to:

  • Create learning portals that aggregate dispersed content and tools into a single home for formal and informal learning
  • Up-skill the learning and development team in needs analysis and learning design in an integrated learning ecosystem world
  • Launch comprehensive learning academies and corporate universities
  • Deliver a sustainable and future-proof learning and technology architecture

Understanding your organisation

Learning ecosystems require deep insight into organisational strategy, learning culture, existing technology landscape and associated skills. The solution for each of our clients is discreetly different, and will recognise their unique history, challenges and goals, but a typical engagement includes:

Formal & informal learning

Defining the roles and skills needed to foster and maintain formal and informal learning

Strategic alignment

Business strategy engagement; aligning learning strategy and ecosystem design to organisational drivers

Learning architecture

Auditing existing technology architecture and aggregating dispersed learning content and tools into effective learning portals

Evaluation & the ecosystem

Linking the learning ecosystem to real business metrics


Complete learning ecosystem; a how-to guide

It takes a deep insight to get this right, and our decade of experience gets us to the heart of the matter. A partnership approach is vital and it’s why some of the world’s leading organisations have put their trust in WillowDNA to deliver the complete learning ecosystem. Want to know how an ecosystem approach could benefit your organisation? Take a look at our white paper:


Customer spotlight

WillowDNA delivered a comprehensive needs analysis and learning strategy to support the launch of a new high end medical equipment product.

It required a comprehensive review of not only the educational and training requirements for a new product, but also a review of Elekta’s current business practices with regards to strategy, design and delivery of global education and training programmes to internal/external customers.

Our recommendations pack enabled immediate implementation of proposed L&D strategies, development of high quality educational and training programmes for a multitude of medical disciplines and a clear roadmap to success.

Case Studies

Learning partners

WillowDNA are online learning partners, providing as little or as much support as you need to realise your online learning goals. From hosting through to full curriculum development and service management, WillowDNA are your complete online learning provider.

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