Online learning is transforming the provision of learning, enabling experts in their field to reach new audiences throughout the world. The best programmes have at their core the best content and thought leadership, while providing context and examples that match the local reality of their learners. Our team can help you extend your learning programmes worldwide.

  • Creating the right business and commercial models for internationalisation of your learning product Internationalisation models Internationalisation models
  • Using Articulate Studio, Adobe Presenter and Camtasia Rapid e-learning development Rapid e-learning development
  • Ensuring translated content fits local contexts localisation of content localisation of content
  • Our voice and text translation enable you to reach a worldwide audience Translation services Translation services
  • The key to creating the ideal learning experience Award winning learning system Award winning learning system
  • Development of international learning portals international portals international portals
  • Provision of technical support for your global audience technical support technical support

The international advantage

Many of our clients are world leaders in their particular domain; they have extensive subject matter expertise, research bases and pedigree in their field. Moving online gives them the opportunity to extend their organisational model and maximise their value through making their learning programmes available to a global audience. With many leading education and professional development providers making wholesale moves to online, now is the time to look to an international audience.

How can we help?

We provide a complete consultancy and delivery service, from developing your internationalisation model, through content development, translation and localisation, to providing an award-winning learning platform, international portals and technical support.

Customer spotlight

We supported Transitions Optical to rollout a global education programme to eye care professionals that included:

  • Translation of all content into 10 languages
  • Integration with SalesForce CRM to track efficacy and impact on global sales
  • Support for technical teams across EMEA to integrate Pathway Cloud LMS with their trade portals

Case Studies

Learning partners

WillowDNA are online learning partners, providing as little or as much support as you need to realise your online learning goals. From hosting through to full curriculum development and service management, WillowDNA are your complete online learning provider.

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