Insights from DevLearn Day 1

iStock_000027129253Medium (1)As always, it’s been an agenda packed to the brim – as a conference the variety and volume of sessions is always impressive and this year, the content has continued to deliver. Some of the key insights I wanted to share were a few key messages from a session by Chris Nekvinda at Cannon Financial Institute. When the board express concerns about social learning and the old objection of ‘what if they tell each other the wrong thing” remember this: ‘The herd will correct incorrect information’ I’ve seen this play out in many organisations and communities of practice.  Where there may have been a reluctance to use community platforms, have user generated content or discussion boards, in reality it ends up being self policed.  Members of the community will critique and review, either challenging or clarifying a position or perhaps even acknowledging that this new view is actually more reflective of working reality than previous held beliefs!  The benefits massively outweigh the limited examples of incorrect input, so it should not be a barrier to taking a more social connected view of learning. The other key takeaway was when you think about the word repository, here in the US there is a link to funeral homes, so what does a content repository imply?  That its the place content goes to lay in repose!  If you are generating huge amounts of learning content but it is laying in repose, then it is time to take a new look at what you are doing!  What do people really use?  Where are they going to find what they need if they are not going to the content you generate?  It’s a useful reminder of keeping the need at the forefront, rather than jumping to a solution.