Helping virtual teams thrive – our 10 minute video guide

IMG_5929 Last week, I spent 7 glorious days introducing my daughter to the area where my father was raised in County Cork, Ireland. I hadn’t visited for 15 years but even in that first visit when my father gave me the full family tour, there was significant investment in connectivity and sustainable building. This was driving an increase in migration to southern Ireland for those looking to enjoy the the stunning scenery and legendary welcome! The improvements in supporting communication technology, early days of the cloud and rise in virtual working made this more practical than ever before. A few years later, I met a communities expert from Oracle, responsible for the facilitation of a global knowledge community and virtual team of ERP consultants. Originally from Sweden, he now lived with his family on Vancouver Island, in a beautiful coastal lodge. Myself and Debbie Lawley provided consultancy to him, his team and other community facilitators to help develop a framework for virtual working at Oracle. Despite this dispersed workforce being the norm at a company such as Oracle, they recognised early on that the needs of a virtual teams are different and didn’t fit the typical leadership and team development models employed by existing leadership programmes. Returning back to Ireland now in 2016 and with lightening broadband speeds in our rural cottage (as well as a proliferation of outstanding coffee shops in cycling distance!), the options for setting up home wherever you are drawn are more practical than ever before. Yet there are still many organisations who haven’t yet invested in ensuring their people thrive when working remotely. It inspired me to record a 10 minute guide to managing virtual teams, filmed on location in Ballinglanna, near Clonakilty, Country Cork, Ireland and at WillowDNAHQ in Bristol, UK.

If you want to find out more or are interested in developing a virtual team programme for your organisation, please get in touch, we’d love to help.