Forget New Years Resolutions – summer is a great time to do the big thinking

Not sure its the same for you, but New Year is not the time to make any new work based P1060367resolutions – Q4 is traditionally a crazy time where budgets are being agreed, work signed up for the next year then just as you catch your breath, you hit the ground running after the christmas break (which for us also means frantic preparations for exhibitions like Learning Technologies!) However the summer can be a great opportunity to take advantage of the quieter moments in the office to take a coffee with colleagues around the business and listen to whats happening.  Its these types of conversations that can prove invaluable in uncovering the true learning needs in an organisation. By the time the formal development need passes your desk, its almost too late.   Taking a real interest in what’s happening on a day to day basis is when you uncover the SMEs you didn’t know your business had, the communities of practice already working together and collaborating, the outside influencers people turn to for help, the curated content colleagues are sharing with each other. So if you’ve already had your drizzly week in Devon and are back at work, take the time not just to debate whether the clotted cream or jam go first onto the scone but to follow your natural curiosity and find out how your organisation really learns.