The WillowDNA Approach to Extended Enterprise

Selling complex products needs creative and thoughtful online learning solutions. The WillowDNA team are deeply experienced in delivering training for vehicle sales teams, pharmaceutical sales teams, financial products and more. These WillowDNA Customers rely on their channels to not only deliver their products through their partners but also to look after their reputation.

Pathway LMS ensures this works seamlessly together with the UK based IT service support and WillowDNA’s attention to brand and tone of voice.

Our team of experts have created elearning solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands through to niche training providers, and our clients have included the likes Pepsico, IPG MediaBrands, John Lewis-Waitrose, Telefonica O2 and Oracle.


Who is a typical WillowDNA customer?

WillowDNA customers are Organisations that offer complex products where the end user obtains optimum value and utility from in-depth understanding of their use, maintenance and integration. Our buyers are often L&D and HR but can also be the sales team, the marketing team, product management or customer services.

What benefits do WillowDNA deliver?

Example customer benefits include, improved productivity, yield, patient outcomes, regulatory conformance and reduced time to competence. WillowDNA works in partnership with customers to achieve accurate needs analysis which, combined with solution orientated learning design, delivers training solutions that meet your operational needs.


How are these benefits achieved?

Accurate needs analysis ensures the training includes the right content for the trainee (through personalisation and adaptation and bespoke design). We work hard to ensure solution orientation meets our customers’ operational needs (The training is multimedia and includes the best tools, chosen to do the job).

Our learning design approach is uniquely crafted to ensure fit to need so accessibility is easy during the training but also afterwards for quick look-up. We work on sustainable design to cope with fast change and the need to keep training accurate and timely.

We also work closely with our customers to ensure the solution is:

  • Cost effect and easy to maintain by the customer.
  • Experts can be virtually visible to the learners, either an online tutor or as the voice of the organisation.
  • Portfolio of learning is part of the package and fully integrated – show evidence-based learning, not just testing.


Why is this the best available alternative?

The combination of a flexible and capable platform with leading learning-design practice delivers the best available solution that meets operational goals.

Pathway platform features include:

  1. Ease of navigation for the learner
  2. Integration with other platforms such as CRMs
  3. Ease of white-labelling or branding both of the core domain and also by course
  4. Support with learning solution design to ensure understanding of complex products ad services and enhancement of product reputation


WillowDNA’s expertise in learning in practice, working with the customer team and subject matter experts, achieves effective, tailored and useable training that meets business goals and satisfies both internal and external customers.

WillowDNA is committed to successful outcomes for our customers. We value partnership and long-term relationship and will earn your trust.


Case study snap shots of the extended enterprise

Optical lens company sales to patients through opticians in 13 different countries. Training in understanding of product and sales competencies delivered to all clinicians through online learning platform, Pathway. Success in relating training delivered is reviewed by linking Pathway output to SalesForce for tracking sales performance.

Vehicle manufacturer relies on dealerships for sales performance. WillowDNA delivers integrated product, systems and sales academy via multiple online multimedia, mobile-ready plus face to face reinforcement workshops.

Pharmaceutical company releases new product to the market following clinical trials. WillowDNA supplies learning design and development targeted to the medical sales staff and clinicians. Additional support and development also supplied to support the marketing effort.


Interested in how we can help your organisation to deliver extended enterprise training for selling complex products?


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