Elearning Heroes Challenges – #173 – Brain Training Games and Puzzles

Lights On Game - screen shot

Lights On Game – screen shot

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This week’s Elearning Heroes Challenge was a great one for us at WillowDNA – #173 Brain Training Games and Puzzles. Having built the full Escape the Office game earlier in the year we had plenty to show off. The game involves seven different puzzles, which need to be found around the office, to unlock a seven digit phone number, needed to call a friend and escape!

One of the key parts of the Escape the Office game was the ‘Lights On’ game. It was one of the first pieces built and the one that needed the most testing. It took 26 true/false variables – one for each light and an extra one for checking if all the lights were on or not. And a multitude of triggers.

For something so effective as a puzzle it needed very little asset-wise. Just the on and off states of a lightbulb.

Initially the game appeared to work fine, but as more rigorous testing was applied we saw there was something strange happening: if you were able to get down to just two lights off, next to each other at the edge of the square, and clicked to turn these two on – you would expect to see the adjacent lights next to the one clicked turn off. Instead the game completed, going straight to the “You Have Won” message. It was very hard to spot and to replicate this error, as even though I built the game, it turns out I am rubbish at solving the puzzle without the hint!

In the end we realised that the programme was running through the variables too quickly, and identifying them all as ‘true’, and therefore giving a win, before recognising some lights should be changed to ‘false’. At this point we added in the extra ‘BLANK’ layer – just an extra quarter second of time for the programme to adjust to see if any of the lights should have been turned off when the user clicked a light. I had seen this solution used in another Storyline example previously through the eLearning Heroes forum. It is a great way to solve timing issues for variables and control how the programme runs through them.

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