Countdown to DevLearn – WillowDNA explore the New Learning Universe

DevLearn simple It’s less than 6 weeks to DevLearn, one of the most important conferences and exhibitions in the learning calendar.  So it’s incredibly exciting to be presenting WillowDNA and the UK learning community at such a prestigious event.  Over the past 12 months, corporate MOOCs and online academies have dominated in conversations and engagements with our customers and during our webinars. So it’s fantastic to continue this over the other side of the Atlantic.  As well as speaking on the MOOCs stream in the DevLearn conference, we’ll also be keen to pick up on the trends, debate and new developments being showcased over the 3 days in Las Vegas as learning experts from all over the world explore ‘The New Learning Universe’. So in the lead up to this exciting event, myself and the team will be sharing our reflections on the New Learning Universe.  From the stakeholder view through to new entrants fresh out of formal education, we’ll be looking at the challenges, opportunities and predictions we expect to dominate the learning landscape over the coming 12 months.  We’ll be kicking off with Emily Cox, who’ll be exploring the new learning skill-set and what the New Learning Universe means to the instructional design community.  So check back in a couple of days for the first in our series.