Conversion of existing e-learning into HTML5: learning fit for the future

If you’ve invested in great Flash e-learning content that still has plenty of value in your organisation, then our development team can convert it into HTML5, ready for use across browsers and devices.

Content Conversion To HTML5

Convert and enhance your e-learning content

Our team will take the best of your content and use our HTML5 authoring tools to create a more flexible, modern e-learning. From straightforward conversion to enhancement with new interactions and media, our team will ensure you make the most of your investments. When you are looking for evolution rather than from scratch development, our conversion service is the perfect solution.

Case study – major pharmaceutical drug launch

In the pharmaceutical world, from R&D through to market launch, releasing a new drug is a complex and lengthy process. Excellent learning for all stakeholders is vital to ensure the drug is prescribed and used safely and effectively. E-learning developed early in the cycle may have great value as the drug moves to launch, but could be developed well in advance using outdated tools. For our pharmaceutical client, they had detailed and comprehensive e-learning modules, packed full of unique insight and subject matter expertise. However, having been developed in flash, they could not unlock their potential.

PROJECT: PROJECT: IPA Foundation Certificate

In addition to converting existing content into a more flexible HTML5 output format, our team can also provide a refresh and redesign to breathe new life into your content. See the samples below for before and after views of an existing programme of material given a design refresh.

The WillowDNA team converted all this great content into future proof, fully updatable modules in HTML5. In both time and money, the savings were huge and enabled our client to support the launch of a critical new life saving treatment.

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