Complexity made simple

At the end of last year, Clive Shepherd set the tone for 2014 by making a call for a move from ‘courses to resources’.  In his popular blog, ‘Clive on Learning’  Clive explores the challenges of acquiring the knowledge and insights needed to navigate complex subjects.  There are a number of organisations who have tackled tougher L&D challenges through leveraging the power of communities in combination with formal learning resources. I explored this topic during the recent LPi webinar,  through a case study from IPG Mediabrands’ Matrix Community. With over 500 people in the community and over 1000 people have experienced the learning, this case study demonstrates the value of aligning formal and informal learning to achieve business results. It’s really worth a listen as it sparked a lot of debate after the session and it’s a topic that is on every learning strategy agenda.