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WillowDNA delivered significant cost reduction and great consistency in delivery of a complex and specialist finance management programme, as well as driving collaboration across the globe.

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The Challenge

To develop The Finance University, a blended programme exploring financial and commercial awareness, designed to replace their current 3 day workshop series. PepsiCo UK is home to Quaker, Walkers, Pepsi and Tropicana – market-leading brands and household favourites. The team behind these products is 5,000 strong and spread across 13 UK sites. Roles include research and development, logistics, operations, manufacturing, marketing, sales, HR and finance. In a highly competitive, fast moving environment, it was imperative that their sales professionals had the market intelligence, strategic insight and well-grounded tools at their fingertips, to keep PepsiCo brands at the forefront of the market. PepsiCo needed a team that could work with minimum raw materials, able to quickly gain insights into complex issues and ensure the end result reflected core PepsiCo strategy, brand and values.

The Solution

The programme involved a blend of multimedia, e-learning and interactive scenarios to make challenging subjects accessible and ready to apply. Our designers developed the programme from scratch, attending the existing workshop and interviewing key personnel. They crafted the script, gathered case studies and key insights, resulting in a programme that used innovative and engaging interactions and media whilst staying true to the PepsiCo brand.

The Result

PepsiCo has been able to develop a consistent approach to commercial challenges, the ability to train far more staff than previously possible, maximise the opportunities for staff across geographical locations to connect on the subject and encourage wider use of social media to connect colleagues.

By integrating interactive scenarios and case studies, it has provided opportunities for practice, sparked dialogue between colleagues across territories facing similar challenges and provided greater access to strategic skills development than ever before. Costs of delivery have been dramatically reduced, as it replaces an intensive two day workshop with all the associated costs and logistical challenges that accompany it. It provides a more sustained approach to professional skills development, supporting time to mastery in a complex subject that is difficult to achieve with a point in time workshop.

Although originally commissioned for a European audience, the programme has now been adopted in the US and China. The blended approach and the breaking up of materials into short focused modules have made it much easier and more cost effective to contextualise materials for each territory. This means the programme maintains a consistent PepsiCo approach, whilst being able to integrate local challenges, case studies and examples that reflect the reality on the ground.


The biggest difference with Willow was your ability to take a difficult area with minimal script and craft the programme, very impressive.

 Head of PepsiCo Finance University

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