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Having won a global media contract for an e-commerce giant with an estimated global ad spending of $500 million, Initiative directly credited WillowDNA’s work on content and platform in helping deliver this commercial success.

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The Challenge

Matrix is a key definer in achieving new business for this company as it is unique and embodies core capability within the organisation in realising benefit for their clients. Matrix is sophisticated and requires considerable insight. This impressive range of services is delivered to Initiative’s clients through the expertise of the people who work at this agency. The Matrix tool embodies the IP of the company and enables years of experience and extensive e-data to be mined. The tool then enables the Initiative teams to produce comprehensive strategies to manage clients’ campaigns, underpinned by rigorous analytics.

Matrix the tool is very complicated, equal to more than 10 tools elsewhere. Matrix has taken over 10 years of development and is focused on excellence in execution of campaigns. But of course, that excellence is only realised if people understand how to make the most of the tool in their day to day work and projects. The challenge was to create confidence in this critical business tool, both for new joiners and also for existing analysts to achieve high performance for their clients, quickly!

The Solution

Working together, Initiative and WillowDNA created an integrated approach to this key business need. Initiative and WillowDNA created the overall learning concept, including the overall ecosystem linking learning, performing and delivering through the tool, the community site and, of course, the learning itself. The tools employed included social media tool Yammer and WillowDNA’s Pathway platform to serve up the learning objects.

The course design uses Willow’s Pathway methodology, providing a learning path that focuses on a specific area and practical application of the Matrix tool, enabling learners to focus on the specific need for their campaign at that point in time. The WillowDNA team used a sophisticated approach to walkthroughs to illustrate the use at a very detailed level of this highly technical tool. Learners are further supported in their use of the tool by materials that explore the applied use of software in a business context. These materials include e-learning and expert insights and summary documents that distill key points. The course is reached via the tool itself as online help. It is a performance learning tool, working as a just in time approach as well as a method of inducting new people.

The Result

The overall learning strategy has been very effective; Sue Moseley details the key benefits:

Improved capability in delivering tasks for pitches

With the support of e-learning, they have seen noticeable improvement in the quality and speed of the work the local markets submit during the pitches and everyday work. Initiative has recently won a global media contract for an e-commerce giant with an estimated global ad spending of $500 million. The e-learning platform was credited for its supporting role in improving the network’s capability and helping implement Initiative’s culture – Fast, Brave, Decisive and Simple.

Enhanced result in communications planning training

With the arrival of e-learning, planners can now be not only trained prior to but also supported after the workshop, together with the Yammer community. This greatly shortened the length and enhanced the result of the workshop. Software training is often considered long, boring, difficult to follow and lacking excitement. To create a training programme that is fun and enjoyable has been the challenge for Initiative and Willow from the very beginning. Since the launch of Matrix e-learning, Initiative has received endless positive feedback from their worldwide users. The e-learning programme is now a proven success. This approach has proved immensely popular by this demanding group. Feedback has been excellent and the overall confidence level within the company is much higher. A growing number of internal case studies illustrate the value of this confidence in terms of business value.


Awesome! I am addicted to it already! Need to remember I’ve got a home to go back to tonight.

Paola Cassone, Performance Strategy Director, Initiative Netherlands

Very clear and user friendly. It’s been a great help for both initial and more experienced users! The videos really help put Matrix in context across the Performance Pathway process.

Rita Martins Insight Director, Portugal

Previously, people rarely talked about Matrix. Now there is dialogue every day. Understanding how learning works and placing the learning within the community has made such a difference. WillowDNA have been part of our team, working with us. Our aims have been the same, to support Initiative to make success of our clients’ businesses.

Joanna Foyle, Worldwide Planning Tools Manager, Initiative

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