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LMS and e-learning content provider WillowDNA have partnered with Improve International to secure not only one of the largest government vet project awards but secure purchase by a major medical publishing group.

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The Challenge

To develop a new approach to CPD for veterinary surgeons in the UK and support their growing number of learners worldwide. In a highly skilled and highly time pressured professional environment, CPD is both vital and challenging. Time out of a busy practice or hospital is a significant cost but any alternative method to developing skills must be highly credible and robust. Established in 1988 by a group of leading veterinary surgeons, Improve International have a reputation for providing the highest quality CPD throughout the UK and Europe and with their state of the art facilities for surgical and non-clinical training in the UK, any online solution would need to complement and enhance their existing services.

Improve International reached out to WillowDNA to provide an online platform that would meet the needs of this demanding audience and be the right solution to support complex subjects. The solution would need to be robust, scalable and put minimal support burden on Improve International, leaving them free to grow their UK and International market. It would also need to fit seamlessly into their existing learning portfolio, to ensure their online course compliment and build upon their extensive course range.

In addition, Improve International needed to find a way to maximise the subject matter experts who, as leaders in their field, have limited availability to develop additional content beyond the lectures and supporting materials they already provide.

The Solution

WillowDNA’s cloud LMS, Pathway, is the perfect solution for complex learning environments and an ideal fit for Improve International. As well as utilising the full range of functionality, from the creation of formal learning paths and orchestration of social learning interactions in support of the programme, the integrated video capture solution has proved invaluable. In conjunction with our colleagues at Ubicast, Improve International have been able to use Ubicast’s EasyCast Studio to record and share lectures and training sessions in Rich Media format.

The Result

Improve International have now been able to accelerate their internationalisation plans as well as secure a number of highly significant contracts to support the development of vets on behalf of other leading organisations and bodies. It has enabled them to scale up provision and reach more rapidly, knowing that support for their online programmes has been taken care of.

Improve International have also been able to benefit from WillowDNA’s experience in learning design, helping them repurpose existing materials for digital delivery. The integrated UbiCast solution has also accelerated development time by enabling subject matter experts to continue to deliver their onsite programmes, whilst their content is captured and repurposed at the touch of a button. Having a complete solution to content development, learning design and hosting has enabled them to win a number of highly competitive tenders.


The team at WillowDNA are both receptive and responsive, able to work effectively to provide solutions to challenging requirements. They are readily available and more than capable to help with both the creation and subsequent delivery of winning online learning materials. They are enabling us to achieve our online ambitions quickly and effectively.

David Babington, Managing Director, Improve International

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