Bring back the L in LMS

Browsing around some of the other e-learning and online learning providers recently, I came across some rather disappointing promotional information for a new Moodle based LMS.  Now before it is suggested that I am gratuitously slamming Moodle, I am actually a fan…in the right circumstances.  I’ve seen some great deployments in education environments, where the open source nature means that there’s no barrier to entry and what it lacks in elegance, it makes up for functionality.

However, expectations in companies and customers of training providers is quite different and their current online experience sets the tone for the type of environment they demand.  A simple, clean interface that focusses on a great learning experience – seems obvious really.  Yet in the top five features listed of a recent commercial deployment of Moodle are; competency structure, management hierarchy, management of staff performance and development, classroom management and a dashboard.

None of these list Learning!

OK, now follows some gratuitous trumpet blowing, as we’ve worked hard to develop a better solution, because we know that ease and equity of access counts.  Our clients tell us that our platform has more L, enough M, no worries about the S!  We are very proud of it and you can find out more on our website  Yes that was a cheeky little promotion but the debate still stands – the L in LMS needs to get a greater billing.  For too long the M has been given the most attention, which inherently leads to ‘control’ by L&D and Finance departments rather than exploration and creation by learners

With the strategic aims of most L&D professionals is to support self directed learning, collaboration and knowledge creation, it makes you take a step back and think about exactly what you should be looking for in your learning environment.  If you want to put learning into the hands of the learner, you need more L!