Beyond technology – conversations you need to have (or follow) at DevLearn 2014

iStock_000027129253Medium (1) With the strapline ‘Exploring the New Learning Universe’ it’s no surprise that this year’s DevLearn conference has a healthy combination of strategy, tools and skills.  To deliver effective learning ecosystems, it is this combination that will help us fulfil all the promises online learning has made over the past few years.  Coming from a background in Knowledge Management back in the early 2000s, I have been impatiently waiting for this – no longer is learning the domain of the L&D department, no longer is good e-learning measured in production values or gimmicks to try and keep our attention. Just taking a quick look at the themes of the featured sessions reflects this move.  We’ll hear from Karl Kapp, Professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomburg University on ‘Matching the Right Learning Content to the Right Learning Strategy’, industry favourite, Tom Kuhlman on ‘How to Make Community Part of your Training’ and ‘Building a Learning Ecosystem’ from Marc Rosenberg and Steve Foreman, President, Infomedia Designs to name just a few. I was delighted to be invited to speak at the conference and my session on Thursday at 1.15pm on ‘What Organisations can Learn from the MOOC Experience‘ reflects this hunger for deeper enquiry into the mature of learning in a digital world.  So my advice is have the big coversations – find out how people are tackling the big learning challenges (like personalisation of learning, engaging leaders online, creating true learning ecosystems) because its all possible and its all happening.  It’s always perfect and quite often, the road can be rocky but people passionate about learning are delivering incredible things. So whilst I enjoy the great wifi on my flight to Las Vegas enabling me to post this, review the latest Learning Survey 2014 from the LPi, watch reruns from Learning Now TV and read tweets from friends in the learning community heading to DevLearn and arranging appointments on LinkedIn, I reflect on whether this is the most meta blog post I have ever written!  The fact I remain connected to my learning community and continue to learn from my friends throughout the industry whilst 35000 ft above Colorado (according to the in flight tracker!), it truly is a great time to work in learning!