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Clive on cupcakes

Whilst it’s not an analogy that has ever crossed my mind, as an enthusiastic baker, Clive Sheppard’s last post on his blog ‘Clive on Learning’ had me intrigued. His summary of Laura Leyton-Jones ‘learning cupcakes’ Clive on Learning: Laura’s learning cupcakes describes rather well what we’ve been doing here at Willow for our clients for […]

How the ‘Digital Divide’ is being filled by mobile learning

Leslie Rule, at Harvard Graduate School of Education has written an interesting commentary on how mobile learning could be the key to raising the quality of education to previous poorly served communities.   A key lesson to take away here is building for your audience (and better still, actually asking them what they want!)

WillowTV on YouTube featuring our first Ad!

The Willow Team are delighted with our new movie. We have added it to our website, our new YouTube channel and want to share it with you too. We believe e-learning should not be patronising and we certainly believe that challenging subjects, even complex subjects can be tackled online. What are your views on this? Take […]

OU makes 100 interactive eBooks available on iTunes U

As big advocates of eBooks and online quick guides as part of the learning mix, we were excited to see that The Open University has made 100 eBooks free on iTunes U and most interestingly, it is not simply a reformatting on existing texts. Having been designed for interactive and the best online learning experience, […]

‘Training has seen the future, and it’s confused.’ Trainers get social

Having visited this year’s Broadcast & Equality Training Regulator (BETR) Learning and Development in Broadcasting conference, the folks at AV Interactive are a tad downhearted. That’s because the conference focused on the inexorable rise of social and informal learning, placing the role of traditional AV equipment further down the pecking order. However, the article is a […]

How good software makes us all stupid!

“Imagine for a moment that you have thumbed a ride in one of London’s iconic black cabs… “Where to, guv?” he asks, in typical cockney-twang. You tell him. “No problem – let me just enter that into my sat-nav…” It sounds unnatural, almost deceitful, that any self-respecting London cabbie would ever utter those words. After […]