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Business survival in challenging times – L&D’s strategic role

During challenging times in the form of strong competition, new legislation or economic downturns / uncertainty, the L&D team can play an important strategic role in helping to ensure business survival – and even capitalising on the challenge. Here we look at some key tools and approaches that learning and development leaders might adopt to […]

Delivering Superior Sales Training Solutions

Do you need to evolve the sales training approach of your business? As you have probably discovered, developing training solutions for high value sales is a complex task for anyone. And why wouldn’t it be? Most L&D departments need to invest in complex training programmes because their sales requirements and products are also complex and […]

Learning Technologies 2018 in Review: Microlearning, Video & Social Focus

After working with a much more diverse range of clients during 2017 and having felt my outlook as an Instructional Designer change, I was very intrigued to see what the atmosphere would be like at Europe’s leading L&D exhibition for 2018. One thing was for certain – I did not expect the level of turnout […]

How Pathway Cloud LMS Has Led the Way with Microlearning

“People don’t want to learn like that” is a response that Debbie Lawley, creator of Pathway Cloud LMS and founder of WillowDNA still remembers to this day – when discussing her vision of a mixed media learning platform at an organisational learning conference almost a decade ago. How times have changed!