2015 in review – the dawn of the new learning age

“It all boils down to learning, but not the sort of learning you experienced at school. No, this is learning as a life skill. You’re learning all the time, taking in new information and making sense of it. You learn from experience, from conversations with peers, and from the school of hard knocks. You’re in charge of it, not a teacher or institution.” This quote was published by the Internet Time Alliance and its an extract from the book Jay Cross was working on before his death on Friday 6th November.  Discussion and discourse on learning lost one of its most vocal and outspoken voices this year, but the debate he started lives on and in 2016, I think we’ll see it coming to fruition. In a LinkedIn post, I’ve explored this more fully but I thought I’d share a few quick headlines with you:

  • Don’t underestimate the impact of fear – a less structured, predictable route to the end goal provides flexibility, adaptability and choice, but its not always easy to quantify.  That can be daunting but as a profession, we need to push through that.
  • the shifts in learner behaviour and the difference in education experience of new entrants into the job market means the changes have been happening anyway, whether organisations have embraced it or not.
  • if you work in learning, your role has always been to ensure the organisation has the skills and capabilities it needs to deliver its goals.   This requires the right conditions and context as a foundation for performance.
  • Great things happens when you can set the conditions for every talent and skill room to play its part and thats something great learning professionals understand at their core.

So enjoy a restful and fun Christmas break and let’s head into 2016 ready to deliver real impact (and at the very least, if you keep yourself busy, it will help burn off the mince pies!)